Custom Home Building

Now fully engaged, SCH is dedicated to serving its customers in residential and commercial remodeling and new construction services with quality, integrity, and excellence.

SCH was started first and foremost as a custom home builder. We design and build homes exactly for what your specific needs are. We pride ourselves in taking a homeowner from start to finish with guidance, precision, and care. Starting from the design phase, to handing them the keys at the end of the project, once all of their selections are properly in place and everything is done the Signature way!

Kitchen & Bath Remodels

Sometimes you absolutely love where you live, but as time passes a few things need some updating right??? That’s where calling SCH can absolutely revolutionize your personal space!!

From designing the kitchen of your dreams or making the bathroom more functional. SCH has not only designed hundreds of bathrooms & kitchens in its 13 year history, but done it with pride that our customers have been proud to reccommend us to friends and family. Word of mouth is our biggest marketing tool. So if you need a kitchen or bathroom remodeled or updated, we hope we have the opportunity to refer us to a loved one or a friend in the future.

Additions / Remodels

Additions have been a growing part of the SCH scope of work lately. Again living where you have set your foundation is important to many, but the space just might not be quite big enough to sustain your growing family. That’s why SCH has perfected the art of adding to a home or renovating it to make it work for your family. From design, checking setbacks ad restrictions from the municipalities, to putting on a beautiful addition or renovation that looks like it always belonged. SCH is a leader in expanding your home to your hearts desire!

Handyman Services

So you ask, your a licensed GC and you offer handyman services??

The answer is….. YES!!!!!

During the turn down market we did what we needed to in order to survive the economy. What we found was a number of people looking to move but couldn’t so they did minor repairs in their homes in order to maintain it or keep it in good condition as they live there.

From leaky toilets, to roof leaks, minor electrical & plumbing work to flooring, painting , and trim work we did…and still do it all.

Once the economy started turning for the better we just kept the services because that need still exists! So yes you get handyman services backed by a licensed GC!