Quality, Integrity, and Excellence are not just words at Signature Custom Homes, These three terms represent foundational attributes which are core to our company’s DNA. SCH continually strives to produce superior results in every facet of construction with both loyalty and dedication to employees and customers. With a proven process and carefully selected labor teams, SCH is able to achieve efficiencies while always maintaining the highest levels of quality and service.
We live by the Signature way!


We always provide the best valued option that meets your budget. If it can be repaired we will provide you a repair price, as well as a competitive replacement cost if you desire, then we allow YOU to make the decision. Our goal is not to up-sell you, but to provide you with the proper information to allow you to make the best decision for you and your home.


Our trained professionals make sure that we estimate your home repair right before we start the project. We will provide you an estimate that includes, NO HIDDEN FEES. NO HIDDEN COSTS. PERIOD. We understand at times there are unforeseen conditions that arise. We make sure we tell you about them beforehand, and will never proceed to repair without written approval. ” No Surprises” means you are always fully aware and informed to make the best decisions possible.


At SCH, we want you to call us EVERY time your home needs a repair. Even more than earning your business for life, we want you to refer us to your friends, family and neighbors! We can only do that by honoring your home as if it was our own. Our service professionals will be respectful, professional, and diligent to ensure your repair, project or service call goes well so you can be proud to pass our number along. The highest compliment SCH receives is when you recommend us to someone you love!


Signature Custom Homes has been building large custom homes in central Florida since 2004. Signature is respected for employing a “partnership” approach with all clientele and for growing a team with one common goal in mind;
“To provide superior service at a competitive price without compromise to Quality, Integrity, and Excellence.”

Our goal is to diligently deliver commendable construction products and services on every project. We aspire to achieve efficiencies while maintaining the highest levels of quality and service.

That’s not just a bunch of fancy talk and promises. It is how we do business every day.
That is why we are one of the most referred home service providers in Central Florida.